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Support Services & Man Shed

Support Services

Assisting members and their dependants with special service rendered by a member in the Navy, Army or Air Force.


Our full workshop includes all the power and hand tools you could need, complete with full dust extraction system.


Restoration of private or workshop items crafted in wood and metal materials using classic and modern techniques.


The metal workshop is equipped with arc, mig and tig welders, grinders, as well as a plasma cutter.


Our collection of hand tools, combined with our retired expert, allow production of leather goods.

Private Projects

Members are at liberty to undertake any private projects, producing beautiful hand-crafted items.

Produce Gardening

Several garden beds, growing seasonal vegetable crops, fruit trees and flowers year round, produce jams, chutneys and relishes.


Members strip the hives approximately every 2-3 months and about 30kg of honey is produced.